WRV Rep Application

I'm looking for individuals who would like to show off their new White Rabbit merch. From apparel to decals to house decor. I would like to have them featured in a different environment (ie on you; in your home). Plus, this will also open up more time for me to create new items when I have product photos covered from outside help. If you already have some WRV merch, that's great! Thank you! Snap a photo and send it in.

If you don't already have any items from me, fill out the following form - I'm more than willing to send out a couple freebies IF I CAN GET AMAZING QUALITY PHOTOS IN RETURN. I can't stress this enough. PLEASE use natural lighting. Cellphone cameras are okay as long as it's NOT your front facing camera. I've tried this program in the past and it just never took off because I'm particular with what images I'd like to share.

To be considered, you must have an Instagram or some type of social platform where I can see your photos - just to give me an idea on picture quality AND give me peace of mind that I'm not being swindled for a free tee and not get pictures in return - sadly, this has happened and another reason why this didn't take off. So this is why I'm very meticulous about this process. If you have ordered from me in the past and apply, you will be HIGHLY placed and most likely will be accepted right away.

Fill out the attached form to get started. If this works this time around, I'll swap out reps every 4 months to give everyone who applies a shot.