Giveaway will close Wednesday evening 11:59pm Pacific Time. Winner will be announced Thursday, March 28, 2019.

Check out previous GIVEAWAY / UP FOR GRAB items on our Facebook and Instagram! You will see an assortment of prize items ranging from military/hero to fandom - inspired gear. I leave these posts up so the public is aware that White Rabbit Vinyl is sincere when holding these giveaways. Yes, we send out winning items. We do not host these things just to drag you along for numbers - you actually get something in return for winning! In a timely manner too, I might add. Giveaways are one way for me to say THANK YOU for the continued support and patronage.

Below is a list of previous winners (I just started this page in 2015 and to those who have been with me since the beginning KNOW there are WAY more than this! ^_~)

  1. Sarah M. (USA) [Harry Potter Up To No Good tank top]   
  2. Sophia L. (USA) [HP She's A Catch He's A Keeper pillowcase set]   
  3. Krystal D. (USA) [On Fridays We Wear REDD Toddler Baseball Tee]    
  4. Rachel K. (USA) [decal]     
  5. Kayla S. (USA) [decal]
  6. Rainbo Mia M. (     ) [Game of Thrones Sun & Moon Pillow case set]
  7. Olyvia P. (USA) [Collaboration Giveaway with @AlwaysJKRowling Twitter - Mischief Managed Pillowcase]
  8. Caitlyn S. (USA) [Mini-Me & Me RED Friday Baseball Tee set]
  9. @squigmund - IG (USA) [Mini-Me & Me Harry Potter Baseball Tee set]
  10. Madison M. (USA) [On Fridays We Wear REDD Onesie]
  11. RemiAndRachel K. (USA) [Toddler / Youth Tee]
  12. Christyn M. (USA) [Toddler / Youth Tee]
  13. @_nyx_fett15 - IG (USA) [BTTF Save The Clock Tower tee]
  14. @cpelswick - IG (USA) [Mommy Saw Daddy in Dress Blues Onesie]
  15. Kara Pieraccini (USA) [ Thankful Burlap Banner ]
  16. @tiacavalli - IG (INDONESIA) [ HP Catch & Keeper Pillow Cover. Collab with other IG HP accounts ]
  17. @mrs_edmondson - IG (USA) [ HP Catch & Keeper Pillow Cover. Collab with other IG HP accounts ]
  18. @cherita117 - IG (USA) [ HP Catch & Keeper Pillow Cover. Collab with other IG HP accounts ]
  19.  @kcrawford1997 (USA) [ HP Catch & Keeper Pillow Cover Set. Collab with other IG HP accounts]
  20. Teresa Bryson - FB (USA) [ $15 Gift Card To ]
  21. Sara Lopes - Website Entry (   ) [ Game of Thrones Blanket & Sun & Moon PIllow Covers ]
  22. Stephanie Mayer - IG (USA) [ Military SO Wreath Slouchy Sweater. Collab with another MilSpouse IG account ]
  23. Ruth Dorantes - FB (    ) [ $25 Gift Card To ]
  24. @tracytime4 - IG (USA) [ $10 Gift Card To ]
  25. @the_legend_of_cody - IG (USA) [Game of Thrones Sun & Moon Pillow Covers]



1.) Is the winning item free?
100% YES! There are NO hidden fees or anything of that sort! I even cover the domestic shipping cost for you! International participants, you will need to cover the cost of shipping. Also, please be aware that I ship USPS International. Any custom / VAT fees are your responsibility. Insurance is available upon request.

2.) What kind of information will you need from me?
By entering our giveaways, you are fully aware that your winning item will need to be sent to a physical address. Pretty please understand that your privacy is a high priority around here. I will not abuse any information given to me. Aside from a physical address, you may also be asked for an email address - this is because when I send out your winning item, you will be notified with complete tracking and shipping information. You will be directed to a form that you will need to fill out some info for me. Only I will see this.

3.) I'm hesitant to share an address. Can I send it to a friend or PO Box?
Of course! Shipping and tracking info will be provided as proof of delivery. Please be aware that I see what you see when tracking items. Once the item is dropped off at the post office, I am no longer liable for the item. Let your recipient know that a package is heading their way and to keep an eye out for it.

4.) Are your giveaways open to people outside of the US?
YES! International participants are always welcome. The same answers above apply to any questions you may have regarding information and item transit.

5.) I never received my prize! (Hasn't happened, but I'd like to address it just in case. :))
Because I do these giveaways randomly and really out of my own pocket, I cannot afford to replace any items - be it giveaway or an order. As stated, items dropped off at the post office are no longer under my control. I've noticed international tracking with USPS stops at the borders. It pretty much ships blindly from there. Please make sure you are providing a verified shipping address! There's been times where items were returned because of insufficient address information. I tried once and missed you because of an address error. In this case, I ask that you please cover the return shipping cost to you. Also, I do not offer expedite shipping on giveaway items at this time.

6.) How are winners selected?
Randomly. I painstakingly enter entries into a spreadsheet and randomly pick one line. Depending on the amount of entries, winners can be announced immediately or within hours after the giveaway is over. Please keep in mind that I'm human too! :) Some times things may come up and delay the announcement. Also, you can check our list of winners to see who won! Winners are announced on our Facebook, website, Instagram, and Twitter. I rarely allow winning items to be forfeited. I do my best to contact the winner to let them know they won.

7.) How soon will I receive my prize?
If the item isn't already made, your prize will fall under the turnaround time frame that is in place for all products. Apparel & accessories: 7-15 business days not including weekends or holidays; Decals: 3-5 business days not including weekends or holidays.

8.) I want to purchase something with my winning item. Can I do that?
Absolutely! If you would like to customize your winning item, please let me know! I can help walk you through on how to do this on our website. If your winning item is already made, and you would like to purchase additional items, everything will be shipped together - following that made to order turnaround time frame of course.



This is completely optional and you are in no way obligated to do so. I only ask that if you are willing to contribute a photo, please do so at your discretion. White Rabbit Vinyl likes to share all of our submissions on our social networks and website. Check out our Customer Photo Gallery! In turn, when photos of our products in action are shared, we happily provide you with a 10% off discount code good towards a future purchase.



This promotion is in NO way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever our giveaway was announced/posted. White Rabbit Vinyl and all the participants of the said giveaway hereby release Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest of any liability.  Information collected is NOT collected by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Information collected by White Rabbit Vinyl is used with strict confidentiality, is not shared with third parties and is destroyed irreversibly within a couple of days from the end of the giveaway. We do not hang on to all the entries. Therefore, there is no "runner-up" if the initial winner does not step forward to claim their prize. The winner is chosen at RANDOM within 48 hours of the end of the Giveaway, this can be delayed slightly on some occasions due to workload. All domestic postage costs are covered by White Rabbit Vinyl. International winners will need to cover shipping cost and any customs fees. We are not responsible for any fees that may arise from customs/VAT. We do not discriminate on participant's age, gender, religious beliefs, eating habits, joke deliveries, etc. We will not tolerate the harassment of entrants in our giveaways or harassment of any kind, any where really. You will be banned from future White Rabbit Vinyl giveaways if we are lead to believe you are engaging in such hurtful activities. Please do not sell off your winning item claiming that you made it. Winning prize cannot be traded in for a cash prize or store credit. We have the right to reject entries at our discretion that seem fraudulent (fake email addresses, Instagram or Twitter pages dedicated solely for giveaways, etc.)