White Rabbit Update - OCT 2020

This has been the longest hiatus I've taken with White Rabbit Vinyl. At most, my breaks would last no more than a month to allow time for us to PCS.

Well that was back in May and my husband EAS'd out of the Marine Corps and we've been transitioning back to "civilian life" as best as we can. Throw a pandemic in the mix and bouts of anxiety and depression and it really seemed like I was ready to abandon White Rabbit Vinyl and move on.

I built WRV from the ground up. I literally started with nothing - no knowledge of how my machines, website, running a business worked. I knew that it took time and dedication. It seriously felt like another child I nurtured to what it is now. So seeing my equipment and supplies once the moving mayhem settled, made me a little sad and nostalgic. To think, all of this has brought me SO many exhausting nights; YET multiple rewarding family moments. I couldn't leave it yet.

Designing and processing orders has helped fill this void when my husband deployed. Now that he's home more often (and the kids too), I felt like I lost a piece of who I am. That sounds dramatic, but keep in mind that WRV has been with me since Fall of 2011 - nearly a decade of crafting and making items for people. Not only did WRV keep me busy as a military wife, but it's such an amazing outlet for me to express my desire to create and make.

After a lot of back and forth, White Rabbit Vinyl will be open for a little bit longer. It will continue to be a channel for me to bring ideas to life while providing a service to all of you.

You'll see familiar items - designs and styles that have been with us and created during the growth of White Rabbit Vinyl. What's new: I'm delighted to hint that I recently picked up a new interest/hobby that I hope I'll be able to incorporate into the WRV collection of amazing items soon. It's taking a bit to bring it to light due to the fact that I'm still learning the process and want to ensure that everything is perfect before I let my creations go to their new homes. I hope you'll stick around for when that gets released!

I know it's a wild time for everyone right now. I truly hope that you're taking a moment for yourself and reflect all the positive things that can happen to you in one day. Drink plenty of water, hit that snooze button one more time, play your favorite jams ... Do it for you before you do it for anyone else. There's a reason why the safety briefing on flights instruct you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping anyone else. I know I went on a weird tangent, BUT I'm here, you're here, let's make WRV fun again and get through the rest of the year together.

It feels so good to be back!

<3 Nary

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