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Here's a sneak peek to some new accessories we're adding over here at WRV!                           Beach totes and reusable grocery bags (or book bag)! I was watching the news a couple weeks ago and there's been a lot of talk about grocery stores banning the use of plastic bags. Thumbs up for helping the environment! Some stores have already started the ban.  I then thought to myself that if I'm going to use a reusable bag, it might as well be something that is my own and unique to me; not the boring...

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Free Ship Friday!

2012 decal free military rewards ship shipping sticker vinyl White Rabbit Vinyl


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New New New!

2012 apparel Army brass knuckle decal decals dragon ball dragon ball z EGA Facebook family decal free gohan goku Marine Marines military Navy New sticker t-shirt Tumblr USA USAF USMC USN vinyl White Rabbit Vinyl

As you can tell, had a little facelift. I decided to spruce up the website a bit. My husband did an amazing job initially putting together the original one, but with more products coming our way, I needed something to accommodate the product pages better. If you see any broken links or something wrong with the website, please address the issue to We added a Family Decal section for easier ordering. Shop a la carte to create your perfect family decal! Also, if you're a Tumblr user, and are following us there, you will notice that page has...

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New Items Added

2012 Air Force apparel EGA Facebook Hello Kitty Marine Marines military t-shirt troops USAF USMC wear White Rabbit Vinyl

I recently added some new items to our decal and apparel folder! Go check them out! Support our military ribbons. Design complete with their respective branch logo. It was bound to happen. Someone asked for a New England Patriots Hello Kitty Cheerleader. Proud family member t-shirt - USMC EGA logo. Perfect for those Family Days during graduation from bootcamp! Proud family member t-shirt - USAF logo. As always, follow our Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to be updated on upcoming releases. Have a wonderful and safe weekend, everyone! ♥Nary WhiteRabbitVinyl Facebook

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apparel Army decals Marines military t-shirt vinyl White Rabbit Vinyl

Good morning (or afternoon, or night?), everyone! I hope you guys all had a wonderful weekend. Some good news and bad news to share. Bad news first. My husband is deploying SOON. :( So I will be a one woman force with WRVinyl and I ask that everyone please have some patience with me as I tackle everything on my own. Good news is for my military fans/family. I have some upcoming apparel designs specifically made for you all. With enough positive feedback, I hope to put out more for you. And lastly, March 1st will be the birthdays of...

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