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New Items Added

I recently added some new items to our decal and apparel folder! Go check them out! Support our military ribbons. Design complete with their respective branch logo. It was bound to happen. Someone asked for a New England Patriots Hello Kitty Cheerleader. Proud family member t-shirt - USMC EGA logo. Perfect for those Family Days during graduation from bootcamp! Proud family member t-shirt - USAF logo. As always, follow our Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to be updated on upcoming releases. Have a wonderful and safe weekend, everyone! ♥Nary WhiteRabbitVinyl Facebook

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Good morning (or afternoon, or night?), everyone! I hope you guys all had a wonderful weekend. Some good news and bad news to share. Bad news first. My husband is deploying SOON. :( So I will be a one woman force with WRVinyl and I ask that everyone please have some patience with me as I tackle everything on my own. Good news is for my military fans/family. I have some upcoming apparel designs specifically made for you all. With enough positive feedback, I hope to put out more for you. And lastly, March 1st will be the birthdays of TWO of my favorite military men: my brother who is in the US Army & my husband who is a...

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For Our Veterans

 I recently received an email from a wife of a United States Navy Veteran asking if we made any apparel to honor our veterans. I've always had designs in mind, but never made the leap to actually put anything on apparel.  She specifically wanted the shirt to say something along the lines of, "I Proudly Served My Country for 20 Years in the US Navy!!". So with that in mind, I incorporated what she wanted into a simple design and this was the outcome: Pressed onto a short-sleeved black T. I was excited to hear that she liked the design and that her husband would proudly wear it. :) In addition to the shirt, I also created a vinyl decal...

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