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Remember Everyone Deployed

 Last Friday I went to pick up my daughter from school and while I was waiting for her, I noticed a little boy in a bright red shirt. It said, "Mommy says I need to wear red because daddy's deployed". I thought to myself, "how cute!" Then I thought to myself, why don't I have any RED shirts? I have a brother currently deployed and a husband who's training for another one. Why am I not sporting a RED shirt for our men and women? More so, my own family?  Now I feel guilty. -____- So after much thought into a new design, I came up with this: Remember Everyone Deployed This isn't on the store front yet. I'm just...

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WRV Extra: Father's Day Gift

 My girls and I recently worked on a little gift to send to their daddy for Father's Day. I saw this idea a long time ago and I don't remember from where, so forgive me for not citing the source. I thought this would be a cute idea and it would show their dad how big they've grown since he left on deployment. I began by tracing their hands and then measured the arm span with their arms wide open. So measure from finger tip to finger tip! I then cut out their hands on the piece of cardstock and also measured out the distance from finger tip to finger tip on a piece of paper. It did require taping...

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What My Weekend Consisted Of:

Objective of the game: Everything outside of the box needs to go inside the box. All those years playing Tetris was tested when I was putting this together and let's just say ... I needed two more boxes. I hope everything gets to it's destination in one piece! I really took advantage of that "If it fits, it ships" motto. :)

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