Lengthy WRV Update With Free Merch/Rep Sign Up

*deep breath* Okay here we go.

White Rabbit Vinyl is very much still around. I haven't been as active as I'd like to due to several factors. One big thing is probably my part time work outside of WRV. I've actually enjoyed this new venture and small step away because it's given me a chance to meet new people and hopefully spark some new ideas for my shop.

Secondly, I've hit a plateau. Creatively, emotionally, mentally. Ideas don't hit me as often as they used to. When they do, I'm scrambling to jot them down and quickly bring them to life. Even then, due to my new schedule, it takes me awhile to create the final product. I sometimes find myself judging my own work and harshly criticizing why no one would like it. It's a constant battle and it was never like this. Honestly, I don't know where this mindset came from, but I'd be super pissed with myself if the downfall of WRV is from within. So I'm working on pulling myself out of this pit. I'm working on creating again - not for the masses, but as an expression of myself once more.

Lastly, my family is settling back into civilian life one day at a time. It has been such a blessing and stressful time. It's no secret that Covid-19 has hit all of us really hard. I guess I'm still a little sad that we didn't have a chance to say goodbye to family and friends before leaving California. We literally packed up our entire life and moved during a pandemic. Nevertheless, we are planting our roots and enjoying this new adventure together.
Desert Hwy

So what does this all mean for White Rabbit VInyl? Both web-shops are still up and running. As always, the bulk of my listings will always be here at WhiteRabbitVinyl.com and only a select few over at Etsy. My Instagram, FB, and Twitter will continue to share updates, new projects, customer photos & reviews, and the occasional meme :) . I'm still processing orders as normal.

Speaking of updating WRV's social platforms, would you like to help? I'm looking for individuals who would like to show off their new White Rabbit merch. From apparel to decals to house decor. I would like to have them featured in a different environment (ie on you; in your home). Plus, this will also open up more time for me to create new items when I have product photos covered from outside help. If you already have some WRV merch, that's great! Thank you! Snap a photo and send it in.

If you don't already have any items from me, fill out the following form - I'm more than willing to send out a couple freebies IF I CAN GET AMAZING QUALITY PHOTOS IN RETURN. I can't stress this enough. PLEASE use natural lighting. Cellphone cameras are okay as long as it's NOT your front facing camera. I've tried this program in the past and it just never took off because I'm particular with what images I'd like to share.

To be considered, you must have an Instagram or some type of social platform where I can see your photos - just to give me an idea on picture quality AND give me peace of mind that I'm not being swindled for a free tee and not get pictures in return - sadly, this has happened and another reason why this didn't take off. So this is why I'm very meticulous about this process. If you have ordered from me in the past and apply, you will be HIGHLY placed and most likely will be accepted right away.

Fill out the attached form to get started. If this works this time around, I'll swap out reps every 4 months to give everyone who applies a shot.

*whew! This was a long post, but I really do owe it to all of you. I know it gets monotonous, but from every creative bone within me, thank you. Thank you for coming along with me during this journey.

xoxo Nary

PS. Here's some behind the scene shots of what I've been learning/working on ^_^
It's a little messy right now because it's a shared space, but I'm hoping to get more organized with all my tools soon.

Hard to tell from this angle, but I made faux shiplap!

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