COVID-19 Shelter In Place WRV Update

Wild times right now, isn't it?

As a mom of three - two school aged and one toddler, we've been staying home due to the shelter in place in our state. Which has lead to several moments of bored outbursts, tantrums, and the deepest of sighs.

White Rabbit Vinyl has always been a one woman operation from home, and with my kids here during operating hours, it has been quite the balancing act. Between school packets, processing orders, and daily mom duties, I'm so very thankful that I can do this from home. It gets chaotic, yes; but I'm still open - creating and designing for all of you.

Now more than ever, we need family. We need more happy moments. We need something to reassure that things will be okay.

While I continue to work on your orders and brainstorm new things heading our way, I'm in the process of setting up a fun activity for families with littles. Keep following our blog, Facebook, or Instagram for more details! And if it goes well, we'll do more and possibly an adult version because grownups need some fun during this time too!

Keep practicing kindness and patience. Keep learning and laughing. We'll get through this together 🙏.

Stay safe and stay indoors.


White Rabbit Vinyl

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