Christmas Care Package Update

Last week I sought the help of family, friends, WRV fam, and complete strangers to complete a daunting, but very attainable task: create and send 21 care packages to deployed Marines for the holidays. Not only did we achieve this feat, but the generous hearts of many will allow these Marines to have something to open for the first time during their deployment.

cashier at Walmart: you either have a big family or you're doing something special for someone
Besides Walmart, I was able to stop at Costco for snacks as they always have the best deals on bulk items, Michael's for plastic ornaments to personalize, and the commissary and PX here on base for more goodies.

a close up of what each Marine will receive!

Due to space, I grabbed travel sized toiletries for their gifts boxes. This will also help prevent any major leaks as bigger bottles tend to burst during transit. Plus, with the extra space, we were able to focus more on snacks - which was highly requested. I had fun personalizing the stockings and ornaments - even though I messed up on ALL of the ornaments and had to peel the mistake off and start again. ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Contents of gift boxes include personalized ornament with name, rank, and unit; travel toiletries, a Hot Wheel car (all different), instant coffee, and lots of sweets.

All wrapped up

I absolutely love the little touch of the snowy pine pick on the gifts. I know the Marines will probably toss them and not give it a second thought, BUT I'm a sucker for detail โค๏ธ. The snowy picks are 97ยข at Walmart! I grabbed three and that was more than enough to do all 21 boxes. Just pull off the stems and tie them onto the gifts. Plus the picks are plastic and very forgiving when items are stacked on top.

Chris Hemsworth ๐Ÿ˜

So with 21 Marines, it breaks down to 2 gift boxes, 2 stockings, 2 specialty popcorns, and a magazine per USPS Priority Box. We were able to use up 10 boxes, plus the one for my husband - 21 altogether.

They fit!

Time of completion 0300 this morning!

We made our deadline of having these packages shipped out on Monday! Lots of tape, lots of writing, and so much coffee that my blood type is now hazelnut.

Mail call!

I felt so bad for creating a line behind us at the post office, but the clerk who helped us was an absolute pro and sweetheart! She got through all 11 boxes in under an hour (lol) and never once got upset when I kept pulling up another box for her to scan into the system. She even called me Mary Poppins because the boxes just kept coming ๐Ÿ˜†.

It still amazes me that a group of awesome people got together to help another group of people. People that we've never met. There's so much good to see in the world and it really does start with us. So before I let this post get away from me and I become an emotional mess (again), from this Marine wife trying to make her husband's time away from home (and his Marines under his care) a decent one, thank you SO much for everything. Not just the monetary contribution, but the emotional support, the sharing of this post...just EVERYTHING has meant so much.

The hard part is done and now we wait.

It's been a long couple of days here. So I'm going to recharge and get ready for BF x SBS x CM this weekend! Our random winner for the donation will be chosen later this week! As always, follow White Rabbit Vinyl on Facebook and Instagram for updates.ย 

xoxo Nary

Bonus picture of the sweetest little helper ever!

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