Monday Morning Digest :)

Happy Monday!

Some exciting news to share! We've recently reached "frequent buyer" with our apparel blanks supplier! What does that mean for you? Well, for us, it means we're now getting certain bulk items at a discount! So why not pass on the savings to our amazing shoppers? If you browse our apparel collection, you will notice a significant amount of items on sale! That's right .... we slashed some prices! 

"Why don't you just keep the prices as they were and why bother even telling us?"

WHAT?! My first passion with White Rabbit Vinyl is designing! If I could do this for free, I would! But the supplies don't pay for themselves and since we just got a break with one of our suppliers, WRVinyl fans should get a break too! :) Please keep in mind that the final factor when determining price on our items come down to material and complexity of the design. So we do our best to make things affordable for everyone. Prices are still subject to change - depending on the demand. Other than that, this is a huge break for us; which in turn can lead to other possibilities!

I also want to share a new way to put in a custom order. All custom orders will be required to be submitted by the form we have provided. It's starting to get really cluttered via email submissions. Customer messages regarding other issues are getting buried.


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Or coffeE, but you know whatever. It's Monday.

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