Remember Everyone Deployed

 Last Friday I went to pick up my daughter from school and while I was waiting for her, I noticed a little boy in a bright red shirt. It said, "Mommy says I need to wear red because daddy's deployed".

I thought to myself, "how cute!" Then I thought to myself, why don't I have any RED shirts? I have a brother currently deployed and a husband who's training for another one. Why am I not sporting a RED shirt for our men and women? More so, my own family? 

Now I feel guilty. -____-

So after much thought into a new design, I came up with this:

Remember Everyone Deployed

This isn't on the store front yet. I'm just testing the waters and getting everyone's feedback before I push these out there.

I may even give one away once I hit 1000 Facebook fans. :)

Please leave me your thoughts on this!

Happy Wednesday!


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