Here's a sneak peek to some new accessories we're adding over here at WRV!



Beach totes and reusable grocery bags (or book bag)! I was watching the news a couple weeks ago and there's been a lot of talk about grocery stores banning the use of plastic bags. Thumbs up for helping the environment! Some stores have already started the ban. 

I then thought to myself that if I'm going to use a reusable bag, it might as well be something that is my own and unique to me; not the boring store ones. So I found these easy to wash cotton canvas bags and I also saw these really cute beach totes. :) I couldn't pass them up. 

Starting next week, I'll have the bags up on our website and you can customize it to your liking. Remember, all of our decal designs can also be transferred onto shirts and accessories - perfect for those who are afraid to commit to a decal on their vehicle. Should you come across a product where the design is not offered, just email us and we will work with you to get you exactly what you want. The reusable bags are offered in other colors as well. I'm just testing the waters with black and see how the demand goes. If it's high, I'll add more colors.

I'm really excited to get these new accessories out! Just in time for the full swing of summer!

I've done decal giveaways in the past, so how about giving away one of these cute bags? Comment on our Facebook and let me know!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend, everyone!

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