Important WRV News!

 Happy Friday, everyone!!

First, guten tag to our friends in Germany and chum reap sua to our friends in Cambodia! What I love about our website, is that we can pretty much track our visitors from just about anywhere! Hello! Hello! We will soon be offering an app on our website to help translate for all of our visitors across the globe to make your visit to WRV a more pleasant one!

Secondly, my oldest is almost done with kindergarten! And to celebrate we will be spending some time with family. So starting Tuesday the 19th, I will be away from my desk for several days and will not be doing any WRV orders until I get back. The website will still be up and running while I'm away so you can still place orders.

HOWEVER, until then, I'm still processing and sending out orders as fast as I can so you can have them asap and to ensure that I'm not too far behind after our little vacation.

Lastly, I just want to thank ALL of you for sticking (pun intended? Sure. Why not?) with me this far! It truly means a lot to me and I will continue to do my best to keep putting out more designs and keeping you all happy and satisfied with our products!

Much love and thanks always!

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