WRV Extra: Father's Day Gift

 My girls and I recently worked on a little gift to send to their daddy for Father's Day. I saw this idea a long time ago and I don't remember from where, so forgive me for not citing the source.

I thought this would be a cute idea and it would show their dad how big they've grown since he left on deployment.

I began by tracing their hands and then measured the arm span with their arms wide open. So measure from finger tip to finger tip! I then cut out their hands on the piece of cardstock and also measured out the distance from finger tip to finger tip on a piece of paper. It did require taping and gluing several pieces of paper together to get the length right. Once you have the long strip of paper, accordion fold, and decorate!

If I had more time, I would've added pictures to each square. You can even add little sayings or drawings. My five year old did just that with hers. She drew a picture of herself holding hands with her daddy. :)

Once decorated, glue your little hands on each end. Let it dry and then you should be able to open and close them easily. For my two year old's I wrote "I love you this much" on the inside. So when my husband opens it, he'll see the message and see that's  how big her little arms have grown.

This was a fun and easy Father's Day gift that we definitely enjoyed making. :)

We miss you, daddy! Hurry home soon!

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