Good morning (or afternoon, or night?), everyone! I hope you guys all had a wonderful weekend. Some good news and bad news to share.

Bad news first. My husband is deploying SOON. :( So I will be a one woman force with WRVinyl and I ask that everyone please have some patience with me as I tackle everything on my own.

Good news is for my military fans/family. I have some upcoming apparel designs specifically made for you all. With enough positive feedback, I hope to put out more for you.

And lastly, March 1st will be the birthdays of TWO of my favorite military men: my brother who is in the US Army & my husband who is a US Marine. Without their love and support, there would be no White Rabbit Vinyl. So to honor them, I want to do another giveaway. Keep your eyes peeled for that announcement.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!


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