Hello Kitty Cheerleader Series

 I had a friend who asked me to make her a decal. That was all she said, "Make me a decal. Surprise me." So obviously I didn't want to make something that she wouldn't be able to relate to (like a silhouette of Sexy Sax-Man. Oooo! New prank decal alert! ;)). 

I knew she loved Hello Kitty and she's a HUGE San Diego Chargers fan. So the best way to incorporate the two was making Hello Kitty a cheerleader!

HK San Diego Chargers Cheerleader

The response after testing the waters and posting this on our Tumblr was incredible. My friend had received the decal and posted the picture onto her Facebook. The feedback was generous there as well. 

So with the constant bombardment of messages and emails I caved in and started the Hello Kitty Cheerleader vinyl decal line. Here's the next one I cooked up:

In honor of my husband's and my Manang Flory's favorite team, of course I had to make one. And don't lie .... You read "Gold Blooded" in Chappelle's voice as Rick James. I know I do. Every time.

So this is only the beginning of this line. Shoot me an email to get your team on here and it doesn't have to be just football. Any sport will do. I just need the team's colors and motto.

Thanks for reading.


  • Erica Bobadilla

    Can I buy a hello kitty charger cheerleader decal.

  • Ashley Caha

    Hi, I would like the Hello Kitty Chargers decal, same as in the picture.

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