Bringing Awareness to PTSD & TBI

Last year, with a little help of some very awesome Facebook fans, we were able to raise some money to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project. We auctioned off a new design and 100% of the proceeds made went to that organization.

This year, I've gathered some of our awesome PTSD designs into one prize pack:
  • (1) PTSD Awareness Tumbler
  • (1) PTSD Relive the Nightmares tank top (I can customize to a men's tank top if winner so chooses)
  • (3) PTSD Awareness decals
  • (1) PTSD Heroes Are Not Invisible Sweater (it's a unisex style sweater)

The best part about this prize pack? Aside from the fact that 100% of your raffle ticket purchase goes to a worthy cause? The tumbler, decal, and sweater will be exclusive to YOU. I have yet to add them to the website (and may not for awhile as I tend to current orders first).

This PTSD prize pack will be raffled off. How to enter? Simply purchase a non-refundable $5 raffle ticket - the more you purchase, the higher your chances! Please keep in mind that 100% of the raffle ticket sales will be going towards an amazing cause AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU DO NOT WIN. 

Which organization will we be contributing to this year? Mission22. Along with Elder Heart, Mission22 strives to bring awareness to end veteran suicide. It's a crippling epidemic that our heroes face and it's terrifying to think that EVERYDAY, we lose 22 heroes to suicide.

By contributing to the raffle, you will not only be in a drawing to win the PTSD prize pack, but you will be donating to help fund a memorial that Mission22 & Elder Heart are anticipating to build. Please stop by Mission22's website to learn more. Or even donate to them directly!

Please consider sharing this post! You don't have to donate, but by spreading the word, you ARE HELPING! A quick thank you to Ms. Cindy at Elder Heart for the help!

Thanks everyone and good luck!



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