Spring Savings All April Long!

What's an egg hunt without a white rabbit?! ;)

As you're browsing our website this month, you may come across an Easter egg or two! In each egg, you'll either find discount codes or even a $10 WRV E-Gift Card! Discount codes cannot be combined and there are a limited amount of times a code can be used. Example, 10% discount code has 50 uses available. Once a discount code has been used up, you will no longer be able access that discount!

If you're lucky, you may find an e-gift card! When you find an egg with an e-gift card, act quickly. There will only be ONE hidden a week! Quickly email customerservice@whiterabbitvinyl.com with the verification code and you will be issued your $10 WRV e-gift card. If an e-gift card has already been claimed the return reply in your email will be a bunny emoji: /(^ x ^=)\. As cute as this guy is, you don't want to see him in your email.

"Where do I find these eggs?"

They will be hidden ALL OVER the website. In listings, blogs, pages, etc. If you'd like a heads up when an e-gift card egg will be hidden or already claimed, follow our Facebook! Eggs will remain hidden until they are all found. So it is possible to find two in one week (if no one finds the one hidden from the week prior). If e-gift cards are not all found by the end of the month, they will be forfeited.


Screenshot example.

Click image to enlarge.

So here's a breakdown of the goodies:
10% discount code - 50 available
15% discount code - 10 available
20% discount code - 5 available

Week 1 - $10 e-gift card
Week 2 - $10 e-gift card
Week 3 - $10 e-gift card
Week 4 - $10 e-gift card
Week 5 - $10 e-gift card

Happy Hunting! <3

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